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If I have questions, who do I contact?
Contact our support team at or call our office 219 663 9609

Can I use a domain that I already own for my Career Portal?

Is this offered outside of the US?
Happy Candidates is currently offered to US and Canada based companies only.

How do I make money on this?
Commissions are earned when job seekers perform specific actions within your Career Portal.  Examples of some of the resources that generate commission include but are not limited to the following:  Resume Reviews, Resume Rewrites, Assessment Tools, Career Consulting and Free Publications.

When do I get paid?
Once you have reached the minimum payout requirement of $25.00, a check will be issued to you on the 15th of the following month.  You can view your payout information in your owner’s back office.

How do I log into my back office?
At the time of your investment, you will be provided with a username and password and the correct back office url.

How much does Happy Candidates cost?
To view Happy Candidates pricing, click here

What is the best way for me to market this to my database to achieve the best results?
Those who are in contact with their database on a regular basis can anticipate a higher registration rate that those who are not in regular contact with their database.  There are email templates in the Career Portal back office which you can utilize to help assist you in promoting your Career Portal.

What are other ways I can utilize my Career Portal?
Our Career Portal owners are extremely creative and use their sites in the following ways: 

  • Offer to their clients as part of their outplacement services
  • Use their Career Portal as part of their consulting services
  • Contact High Schools and Colleges
  • Offer the Career Portal to their Churches and Synagogues

Is it difficult to set up my Career Portal?
Not at all!  We offer you a Career Portal wizard which consists of five easy steps that you will follow in order to create your Career Portal.  Set up literally can be completed in minutes.  Your back office will provide you with email templatesand scripts for your team members.  Our support team is available to answer any questions, contact them at

Do I refer placeable candidates to my Career Portal?
It is completely your choice.  Many of our clients have posted a banner or link on their company website which means that any and all job seekers have the option of registering for their Career Portal.

What does this cost the job seeker?
Registration is completely free for the job seekers.  Many of the resources offered through the Career Portal are also free.  Registrants have the option to utilize the paid resources that are also offered.

On my Career Portal, who receives the email from the ‘contact us’ information?
When a job seeker uses the ‘contact us’ option, the email will be directly sent to the Happy Candidates Support Team.  When our team corresponds with your job seekers, the email appears to be coming from your organization.  We remain anonymous to the job seeker.

How long does it take to have my Career Portal up and running?
Your site can be live within 24 – 48 hours.

What services does my Career Portal offer my job seekers? (free and paid)
The services will vary and are subject to change.  Some of the free resources include but are not limited to:  Assessment Tools, Free Publications, Resume Building Career Advisor, Live weekly Job Seeker Training Calls.  Paid services include but are not limited to:  Resume Review, Resume Rewrites, Cover Letters and Career Consulting.

When I invest, what is the next step and who helps me set up my Career Portal?
Once you invest, you will be directed to the Career Portal wizard which consists of five easy steps that you will follow to create your Career Portal.  Set up can be completed in ten minutes.  Our Support Team is available to take your questions at

How do I invest?
Click here to get started.