What if you could eliminate time wasting tasks while improving word of mouth? It's not
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country have experienced it with Happy Candidates.

"The Happy Candidates Career Portal is a great resource for the job seekers we don't place. They especially enjoy one central location to search over 1000 job boards which saves them a tremendous amount of time, participating on the weekly calls and getting answers to their questions. Happy Candidates is saving our recruiters time, leaving the candidate with a positive impression of our organization and greatly enhancing the experience of job seekers who contact us to find employment."
Threase A. Baker, CSP, ABBTECH
Professional Resources, Inc.

"I included an amazing letter from someone who applied what they learned through the career portal. The letter isn’t the end of the story. Not only did Ken get a job in ONE MONTH, it also resulted in him being invited to meet the Vice President’s wife, Dr. Joan Biden, on one of her recent visits to Ohio. "
Raymond Gooch, CPC, Spectrum Career
"For the first time I leave work each day knowing we have helped 100% of the job seekers we attract to our firm. We tried to provide them with some resources and direct them to the Internet, but we were not really helping them. Happy Candidates actually provides a step by step process to find a job as well as other valuable resources like your resume builder. My job seekers found the Career Advisor very helpful in preparing them for interviews. They also learn so much from the weekly Job Seeker Webinars, where they can ask questions that are most important to them. You're making us look very good – thank you."
Brian J Keenan, The Employment Store